A Piece for Two Floors and a Corridor by Amnon Wolman
19/2 - 27/6
Project Hall

Artist in the Community Tzzazit
1/10 - 1/9
New Reader: C.H.O.S.E.N

Communal Gardening Course
20/1 - 5/5
FabLabIL - Open Lab

A piece for two floors and a Corridor by Amnon Wolman
Solo exhibition by the sound artist and experimental composer Amnon Wolman. The exhibition will present all the different works as one audio-visual composition. This composition will be made readable with a map that will be handed in the entrance to the visitors and will function as instructions for using or performing in the exhibition.
Curator: Liora Belford

Project Hall
A project by Luciana Kaplun, Mai Omer and Ira Shalit together with Neta Weiner and youth from Jessy Cohen neighborhood. 
In the former school gym, now part of the Israeli Center for Digital Art, opens a new, multi- functional, public space. The Hall was created as part of ongoing art project participated by a group of teenagers who live in Jessy Cohen.