Moving Installation Workshop
12/10 - 12/10
Mobile Archive @ Yekaterinburg, Russia
23/9 - 26/10
Fine Mechanics
10/9 - 17/1
HaTanaim 11/6
10/9 - 17/1
New Reader: C.H.O.S.E.N

FabLabIL - Open Lab

The Israeli Center for Digital Art Agenda

Exhibitions opening hours during the holidays:
24-25/9 - Rosh Ha’Shana - closed
3-4/10 - Yom Kipur - closed
8-9/10 - Sukkot - closed
12/10 - the exhibitions will be open from 16:00-19:00
15-16/10 - Simhat Tora - closed.
The exhibitions will be open as usual during the rest of the days. 

Sukkot at the Center for Digital Art
Sunday, October 12, a moving installation workshop, by Tzzazit artists. Details and registration>>
Monday and Tuesday, October 13-14, FabLabIL invites parents and children to create lampshades and wall decoration by their own unique design.  
For details and registration: info@fablabil.org

Current Exhibitions:

Fine Mechanics
Fine Mechanics
is an exhibition marking the foundation of an artists group that will operate within a creative research framework in the FabLabIL. The exhibition will present practices and approaches towards the use of technology as well as critic in the works of the group members.
Participating artists: Yael Frank, Tzion Abraham Hazan, Uri Katzenstein, Avi and Mika Milgrom, Meir Tati and Søren Dahlgaard, Tzzazit (Eili Levy and Uri Levinson).
Curators: Eyal Danon, Udi Edelman. 

Ha’Tanaim 11/6
Ha’Tanaim 11/6 is the first solo exhibition by artist Becky Mayner, documenting through collages Jessy Cohen neighborhood, where she grew up in the sixties.
Curators: Eyal Danon, Udi Edelman. 

New Reader: C.H.O.S.E.N
C.H.O.S.E.N has been published as part of a series of contemporary art readers by the Israeli Center for Digital Art.  Edited by: Galit Eilat and Aneta Szyłak.