Ron Amir: Jisr al-Zarqa, Back and-Forth
15/3 - 26/7
Over & Over the Rainbow
15/2 - 26/7
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Current Exhibition "Over & Over the Rainbow" 
Over & Over the Rainbow deals with the ways in which Neoliberalism employs the forms of fairytales to disseminate its ideology. The participating artists, each in their own unique fashion, examine the gap between our personal identities, and those dictated to us by controlling forces. They operate in the space between the real and desirable, between the promised and violated. Curator: Ran Kasmy-Ilan Participating Artists: Leigh Orpaz, Eyal Assulin, Dor Guez, Jeremy Deller, Ori Cramely-Leonov, Oliver Laric, Elisheva Levy, Talia Link, Orr Menirom, Superflex, Corinne Silva.   

Current Exhibition: Ron Amir: Jisr al-Zarqa Back and-Forth
Opening: Saturday, March 15th, 8pm.
For the past decade Ron Amir has been consistently and persistently photographing the village of Jisr al-Zarqa, which lies adjacent to Caeserea and is revealed before the eyes of travelers on the highway that runs between Haifa and the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. In the annals of Israeli photography it is hard to recall a similarly extended and dedicated project focused on such a limited area. A second component of the exhibition is presented simultaneously at the Haifa Museum of Art, and a third - at the Jisr Al-Zarqa High School.
Curator: Gilad Melzer