Museutopia | Israel Moldova
23/7 - 10/10

Solo exhibition by Ilya Rabinovich  

Action no.9 Plus Minus

Tzzazit - Artist in the Community

Project Hall

Artist in the Community Tzzazit
1/10 - 1/9
FabLabIL - Comunity Digital Fabrication Lab

Two New Exhibitions: Museutopia | Plus Minus
Museutopia | Israel – Moldova, Solo exhibition by Ilya Rabinovich.
A Photographic Inquiry Into National Military Museums in Israel. The exhibition is a new chapter in an ongoing research about the national history as presented in historical and military museums. The exhibition was made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Fund. Curators: Hadas Zemer Ben Ari, Eyal Danon. Curatorial research: Noa Roei, Maya Mossek - Cohen.

Action no.9 – Plus Minus – Tzzazit – Artist in the Community. During the past year residents of Jessy Cohen guided by Tzzazit - Eili Levy and Uri Levinson, created Meizazim - moving installations generated by electrical engines, as part of
"Artist in the Community", with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. 

Artists Visit - Glocal Neighbors Project 
As part of the ongoing project, a collaboration between Jessy Cohen neighborhood in Holon and Nordbahnhof neighborhood in Stuttgart, artists Aurel Mechler and Julia Heuer are visiting the Center for Digital Art, creating a giant graffiti painting on the hall walls and tie-dye T-shirts, with teen agers from the neighborhood.

What Can Contemporary Art… 
A fascinating series of lectures about contemporary art, guided by the Center for Digital Art curators, will take place at Holon Mediatheque. For details and registration: 03-5021552