All My Sons
Michael Kessus Gdalyovitz
The exhibition includes video works, photographs, interactive computer works and a website by Effie Weiss and Amir Borenstien.

The video movie is an imaginary-documentary one, even amusing, that tries to predict the future of the artistsí family. The movieís heroes are the eight potential children of the artists, who were chosen out of forty identikit that were built out of the combination of Effie and Amirís traits, similar to police identikit.

In the video-animation film, we can meet the children and their parents in different episodes in their future lives that refer to the social patterns characterizing Israeli communities. By means of the childrenís character or their hobbies, the artists raise questions touching subjects like mutuality, stigmas, art creation, sexual identity, social identification, friendship and socio-cultural position.

This exhibition does not try to attack or shatter Israeli or artistic universal myths, but to point out and treat with humor the heart of moral values of the Israeli society.

In addition to the video work, a possibility is being given to the visitors to take part in the creation of additional future childrenís identities, through an internet site that displays the portraits along with a biographical questionnaire attached to each character. A special program built specially for the exhibition permits one to create an identikit for additional children from the artistís trait resources.

Effie and Amirís work pays a debt to conceptual art and its means. Since the late sixties, conceptual art challenged the defined borders of the work of art and devoted its attention to the idea that was presented mostly in a documentary way using video, texts and photos, and not to the artistic object.

Effie and Amir attempt to explore a certain subject through documentation in video and photography, but unlike the presentation of themselves in their works, this work doesnít present documentation but uses the strategy and form of a documentary film, documentary photography or document.