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In Kaboom: The Suicide Bomber Game the player must blow himself up on the street, and attempt to kill as many men, women and children as he can. The programmer of the game wishes to clarify that he is an American youth and does not support terror. He is neither Jewish nor Arab, and has little interest in what goes on in the Middle East. The only message he wishes to convey through the game is that people who blow themselves up on the street are stupid. In addition he wants any question concerning his intentions in programming the game to be posed directly to him and not be based on various articles published in the past. The game elicited heavy criticism when it was launched, including an appeal by US Congress members to site owners urging them to remove it from their website, claiming it is a "distasteful and offensive game [that] makes light of the suffering of thousands of Americans, Israelis, and others who have been victimized by suicide terrorism." The question arises whether the role reversal, the fact that the gamer plays the suicide killer, indeed makes the horrors of the game unbearable? Whether there is a difference between the animated body parts in the game and the horror pictures on which we feed daily on television?