Chic Point
Waked, Sharif
2003 / 700
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Body parts – lower backs, chests, abdomens – peek through holes, gaps, and splits woven into ready-made garments. The clothes are designed to preempt those daily and prevailing imperatives of Israeli soldiers, who order Palestinians to lift clothes and expose their flesh - the “hiding grounds” for bombs – as they cross the intricate and expanding network of military checkpoints. Commonly understood by the Israeli army as dangerous weapon, the Palestinian’s body serves as a pretext for a border from which he may be observed.

Chic Point juxtaposes the fashion show with a series of documentary stills from checkpoints, placing the spectator in a position that paraphrases the soldier’s gaze. The haute fashion line transfers the marking from the body to the apparel, and to the ensuing playful possibilities inherent in the relationship between the clothes and those who are wearing and removing them. The fast paced catwalk is the setting for denuding the loaded politics of the gaze and the stark reality of imposed closures. Waked puts together two contradictory worlds in a powerful reflection on aesthetics, the body, humiliation, surveillance, and freedom.

Catalogue no. 861
File: W

Fashion         Terrorism         Humiliation         Israeli Palestinian relations         Occupation         Satire         Body         Security